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Turnaround Communicatie - passion for safety

Turnaround communicatie’ is the first full service communications bureau in the Netherlands that has specialized in the subject of safety and security. We are convinced that everyone has the right to a safe and secure environment and the saftey of the things around them. Passion for safety is what drives us, that is our mission.

Our Strong Points

Because of our strong focus on the subject safety  we are able to assist government bodies and businesses  about the many aspects of this subject through different means of communications. Whether it is about national security, emergency services, health- and safetey services or  disaster management you can rely on our knowlegde when it comes to communications.

Because of our expertise we can focus specifically on your needs. Turnaround Communicatie is known for their strategic approach which is always practical and direct. No drawn out schemes that wil end up in the bottom draw, but a clear plan that will move you forward. No other is capable of translating complex material into understandable  and efficient advice and documentation. We make our customers stand out.

Our Company

Our company prides itself on its passion, personal approach, professional attitude, enthusiasm and hands on mentality. That’s what we’re about. We are a full service bureau. From start to finish we’ll be there for you. We have a dedicated, highly motivated team of specialists on hand who
work to our high standards. Whether it is about graphic design, concepting, film, animations, websites, photography or print; you can hand it all to us.

Central to our approach is building relationships through personal contact. We are independent workers, but never finish the job whithout contacting you.  We work together as a team. We are forward thinking, higly motivated and focussed on getting results.

Our Customers

Turnaround Communicatie works for many prominent government bodies and companies at all levels. Some of our customers are the Ministry of Jusitice, the Ministry of Defence, the police and fire services, city counsels and other (international) businesess who deal with safety and security.


Turnaround Communicatie bv
Eendrachtstraat 29
3784 KA Terschuur
The Netherlands 
T: +31 342-846933
Contactperson: M.N. (Martin) Bobeldijk, director

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